Meet the team

Here at Pesky Pest Solutions we know that your family home is your most valuable asset. We also know how pesky unwanted guests can be!

We are a small, family owned and operated pest management business that operates on the north side of Brisbane. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service and exceptional quality pest control whilst maintaining a low level impact on your family and pets as well as the environment, by using eco-friendly (plant based) products wherever possible.

We strive to provide the best service on the north side of Brisbane and pride ourselves on perfection. From first contact until you are satisfied, we’re here to help. Even if you just have a pest related question, we’re happy to answer it!

All of our pest control services can be tailored to suit your residential or commercial requirements.

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Dan is the action man, the one that does all the hard yards, an expert in the making when it comes to safely taking care of all those pesky pests around the place.

An avid insect and bug enthusiest and always up for a chat, Dan can answer almost any question you can throw at him about pretty much all of the common pests around your house.