important FAQs


Are the products you use toxic for me and my family?

No. Here at Pesky Pest Solutions we only use eco-friendly (plant based) products.

Will there be a strong odour after the treatment?

No. We use low odour products to avoid this.

Is it safe for my pets to be at home during the treatment?

Yes. Our products are low toxicity to mammals. We do ask that you keep your pets away from the treated areas until they are dry.

Will we have to leave the house for an extended period?

No. We do recommend a vacation period during and whilst our treatment dries though. We don’t want you slipping over!

What if it rains?

We use advanced products such as BiFlex Ultra which is insoluble and won’t be diluted by the rain. Also most of the areas we treat (the internal of the house or building, roof void, cupboards etc.) aren’t even accessible by the rain.

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